Hi, I’m Maria. I like gelato, and I hope you do too.

Never in a million years did I think I would write a blog. I don’t particularly enjoy writing, I’ve never been very good at it, and I’ve never had much to say. Well, now I’ve got something to share, and I think it’s cool enough to write about. Go figure.

This blog is about gelato:  what it is, who’s making it, how they’re making it, why they’re making it, and why I decided to join in on the madness. It’ll also inadvertently land upon topics like small business, market climate, and other random observations. The posts will start chronologically, presenting the gelato scene as it has been unraveled to me. Eventually, it will also serve as a platform for brainstorming, listening to feedback, and hopefully even discussion. I’m sure I’ll also start weaving in bits of what I’m doing now, as the cart gets geared up for the spring and summer.

I also owe it to you to share a bit of my background, as context for my conclusions and opinions (how else will you know not to trust me?). We’ll get to that in the next post, and I deeply apologize in advance. For those of you who already know me and are reading this blog out of the goodness of your hearts, just skip that part.

Thanks to every single person who has encouraged and helped me to get The Cremeria started! The support that I’ve gotten has been awesome and super-inspiring – you all rock.